A quality string instrument is imperative to the success of the student.  A student will be inspired by an instrument that is capable of making a beautiful sound.

String Students will need the following: 

 – instrument (sized to the student)

– bow

– rosin

– hard case (school cellists must have hard cases)

– metronome/tuner

– music stand

– KUN shoulder rest (violins/violas only)

Rental Details:

– Rent an instrument to get started.  Rental prices for violins and violas average $25 per month.  Cellos and basses average $35+ per month.  Reputable shops will credit a certain number of rental payments towards the purchase of the instrument.  This makes renting at the beginning a safe and easy option.

– I recommend Scott Cao or Franz Junger instruments for their affordability and beautiful sound.

– DO NOT purchase an instrument on the internet.  Just as you would not buy artwork or fine jewelry without seeing it, an instrument should not be purchased without hearing it.  Most package deals found on the web are too good to be true.  The instruments usually sound terrible and almost always do not hold their tuning.

Instrument Purchase:

Purchase your student’s instrument when you have paid the maximum amount of payments that the shop will give you credit.  For example, the shop might give you nine months credit of rental payments of $25 towards your student’s instrument valued at $500.  At the end of the nine months, pay the shop the remaining $325 to purchase the instrument.  Reputable shops will give you full credit value to trade up to the next size when needed.  You only have to pay the difference.

For elementary and middle school beginning and intermediate students, expect to pay between $350 – $600 for a violin or viola outfit (instrument, bow, case).

Each summer, I meet families at local music stores to help with the purchase of instruments for my students.  If you would like to join us, please contact me.

Most quality string instruments do not lose value.  If you do not need your instrument anymore, you may choose to sell it to another student or donate it to the school orchestra program.  Please contact me for further details.

Recommended Stores for Rental or Purchase:

Morey’s Music Store

4834 Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713


M. and R. Weisshaar & Son

1763 Orange Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627